Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gardening Update

I wanted to post some pictures of our fall garden, these pictures are kinda old so I'll have to take some more to here soon. We actually picked our romaine lettuce today (I felt as if it might bolt right in front of my eyes!
I can't remember if I told ya'll about our newest endeavor with gardening, so if this is a repeat my apologies, I tend to be a bit redundant. Our container gardens were a mixed bag of successes and failures and we were getting pretty frustrated with housings regulations. Luckily MWR offered raised garden beds to rent for the year so we signed up as soon as we could. We were lucky in that we were the first people to pick out a plot.

But with fall right around the corner we're pretty limited in what we can plant, this is my first cool weather garden ever.

So far so good! Things have been progressed extremely well, better than I thought they ever would! Want to know what we've got in the ground? Well, we planted a couple of different varieties of cabbage, kale, romaine lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, turnips, mesclun, and spinach. Like I said, so far, we've had great successes. The romaine lettuce is delicious and gorgeous, we have had zero pest problems and have used no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. I think I've fallen in love with cool weather crops actually. The only picture I have of our romaine lettuce "harvest" happens to be on my smart phone, but I will battle the technology monsters and figure out how to get it out here to share.

Gardening has been a fantastic family project, we've had the whole family involved and it's been a blast. The kids actually enjoy helping weed the garden (well for now anyway) and they also had a lot of fun planting some of our goodies. As you can see my husband does a good job of striking a pose while watering (shh don't tell him you see this haha), normally I use a sprinkler in the garden because the water pressure is crazy bad, one of the other plot owners has had exploding hose issues. The Broccoli should be the next thing ready to be picked, on our next weeding endeavor I'll bring the camera along to take another progress picture. I'm also working on a Blues Clues costume for my 2 yo son (I tried explaining Blue is a girl but he just isn't having that) that I'll post on here as well.

Oh...before I go...we did "harvest" one unexpected thing...a full brick. SO it's a good thing we didn't use a tiller and went old school, let this be a lesson to you, be careful! If you didn't fill your plot, find out who did and where the dirt came from. I haven't called the people in charge yet but now that I have my camera uploaded to the computer I think they'll be getting a brick through their email =).

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