Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Under the Weather

Well this blog post will be lacking in pictures. Not in the drap and drop mood right now and can't get Microsoft Word to acknowledge my blogger account so that I can just publish from there. Grr. If anyone can help a technically challenged gal out I'd greatly appreciate it. I've wanted to blog every day but after hours of, "mommy..mommy..MOMMY!" that desire seems to fade pretty fast, as all I want is my head to hit the pillow. But anyway. The weather out here has been all sorts of cracked out this week. First it was 80's all last week and now..well let's see, at this moment (according to the app on my phone) it is 48 degrees Fahrenheit. Lame. Absolutely. 100%. lame. We actually had a frost the other day which of course scared me silly since the plants are still tiny buuuuut they seem to have survived pretty well! I'm proud of them. Oh would you look at the time! It's that time again, off to school we go! Hopefully I won't be so sapped of energy that I can't post again this evening. I guess we shall see!

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